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Whether trade fairs, congresses or smaller events. On-site Events are becoming more and more complex and therefore the tasks for you as an event manager are not necessarily easier. Stress and working under time pressure, especially as the event approaches, are part of everyday life for most event managers.

With Streavent you can host on-site events that your participants will love and at the same time reduce your effort! With your individual event app, you can easily bring registration, check-in, all information about the event and networking to your cell phone and thus directly to your participants' pockets.

Find out here why the digitization of on-site events is so advantageous and why our software is the ideal solution for creating your event app.

Flexibility and efficiency
By digitizing your onsite event, you can optimize the entire process. With our software, you can easily customize and update your event app to meet the needs of your event. You have full control over the content, design and functionalities of your app.
Better customer interaction
Our Event App allows you to further engage your customers and enhance their experience. You can offer real-time information, personalized notifications, and interactive features to actively engage attendees. Through surveys, feedback options, and social media integration, you can gain valuable insights of your on-site event and strengthen your customer loyalty.
Time and cost savings
By digitizing events, you can significantly reduce time and costs. With our software, you save the effort of printed materials such as program booklets and flyers. In addition, the Event App enables you to communicate efficiently with your participants, so you can save resources for manual processes.
Sponsors and exhibitors
Our event app also offers your sponsors and exhibitors numerous advantages. They can integrate advertising banners, sponsorship options and interactive presentations into the app. This gives them greater visibility and the opportunity to communicate targeted information to attendees. This increases the added value for your partners and helps finance your event.
CO2 savings
Digitizing on-site events significantly reduces paper consumption and thus makes a valuable contribution to environmental protection. With our software, you can run a sustainable event while providing your attendees with a user-friendly and environmentally friendly solution.
Statistics and analysis
With our software you have access to extensive statistics and analysis functions. You can get information about attendee activity, app usage and attendee engagement. This data provides valuable insights that you can use to continuously improve your event and respond to the needs of your target audience.

These success stories ...

TÜV Association

For the third time, the TÜV AI Conference took place in a hybrid format with guests from politics, research, business and civil society.

Over 800 participants took part on site and digitally. No problem thanks to the combination of event platform and mobile event app.

SPD parliamentary group

International Green Week 2023


Welcome event for the new freshmen

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