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The smartest implementation since online events exist. Thanks to our products all your wishes can be realized.

From the design of your own platform, to the use of a wide variety of modules, to the support of your event, we offer you our diverse products and first-class service.

The variability of our products can cover the versatility of your event needs. We provide you with the right tools for any type of event. Attendees can be informed by the personalized reception and from there directly guided to the keynote area. During the breaks the networking area can be used to get to know each other, right before the individual workshops start in the workshop area. Our expo area offers a versatile exhibition space for you, your partners and sponsors.

Streavent - Diversity

The Streavent ABC - From conferences to the implementation of trade fairs

We as Streavent are characterized by the diversity and usability of our products. Conferences, webinars, trade fairs, internal events, marketing events, as well as workshops have already been conducted with us. All our customers have been consistently satisfied with our service and products. Get an overview of the customers who entrust themselves to us.


Streavent - An experience from start to finish

Welcome your attendees with an inviting graphic or even a personal welcome video. Your attendee can get an overview with the flexible agenda and also directly see by whom the event is sponsored.

  • Advertising banners of your sponsors
  • Personal greeting video
  • Flexible agenda with different tabs


Live & Digital

Our keynote module is a one-directional livestream. It is particularly suitable for lectures and panel discussions. Event participants can interact with speakers and answer polls through seamlessly integrated interaction tools.

  • Interaction through live chat
  • Embedding Slido, Mentimeter and many more
  • Advertising banners of your sponsors


Group work on the whiteboard - no problem with us

For more interaction possibilities and joint work, the workshop module is recommended. Here, the participants can take part in the discussion with camera and microphone and contribute to the creation of results on a whiteboard. The split screen is particularly popular for embedding Miro, for example, but various games and much more are also possible. Ask us for a current listing.

  • Splitscreen function and embedding Miro
  • Integration of Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WebEx and many more possible
  • Breakout sessions


Streavent connects - always and everywhere

Enable networking among attendees. The networking area is available for them to use as a break room or to make new contacts. We work closely with the best networking solutions on the market and can seamlessly integrate solutions such as Wonder or Remo.

  • Use your favorite networking tool
  • Integration of Wonder, Remo and many more possible


Present and recruit customers with our Expo-Area

A versatile exhibition space for partners and sponsors or a structured presentation of thematic content. Each Expo booth has the possibility to include PDFs, download, videos, links and virtual video conference rooms to provide interested parties with the desired contact options and information. The areas can be designed by the exhibitors themselves and provide accurate statistics on usage figures afterwards.

  • Keyword search across all exhibitor stands
  • Configurator for the exhibitor
  • Book appointments through seamless Calendly integration
  • Live analytics for optimal marketing added value

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